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Kanak Biotech provides Eco-friendly and Economical product to its patron since 2015. One of the leading names involved in manufacturing of the Nano Nutrients.

Biologically Synthesis NANO products by the most advance and innovative technique known as NANOTECHNOLOGY.

We are the exclusive manufacturer of Bio-Nano Nutrients, Organic label and certified from the Organic Certification agency under APEDA.

Due to the smaller in size and large surface area of Nano products, which increases the interaction with the surfaces, perhaps improves and increases the interaction of the nutrient will be 80-100 times compared to larger particles of the same material.

Mr. Vishal Verma (B. tech in Agriculture and Biosystem, USA) leads it. He is a man with a vision. Under his astute and inspiring guidance, the company has made a great progress.

The advanced and multifaceted skills find a clear expression in all aspects of the company.

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