Kanak Biotech is the Leading manufacturer of Exclusive Organic Food grade Antimicrobial Nano Silver solution in India


  • Since 1000 decades silver used as an effective against range of microorganisms and act as an antimicrobial.
  • Greeks used silver vessels to keep water fresh
  • Roman Empire stored wine in silver to prevent spoilage
  • Australian people suspend silverware in their water tanks
  • Switzerland silver water filters purifier
  • U.S. municipalities use silver in treatment of sewage
  • Soviet Union used silver to sterilize recycled water
  • Ayurvedic medicine, silver used as a tonic&elixir
  • Silver Foil used in Indian sweets as Varakh


  • Microorganism exposed to Silver Ion, it bind to surface ofcell wall of the MO.
  • Silver Ion creating a rupture leading to cell lysis, breakdownof the cell wall of the MO.
  • Due to Nano in size, silver ion enter inside the cell of the micro-organism that attached to metabolic enzymes.
  • This enzyme and energy to the cell, leading to stoppingthe transfer of nutrients and suffocation the microorganism.
  • It further stopping reproduction of the cell.


  • Due to Nano Size contact surface area increases
  • Interaction with the Micro-organism increases 80-100 times
  • Inhibits the growth of the Microorganismsupto 99.99%.
  • Effective Antimicrobial in more than 650 Microorganisms, including Bacteria, fungus, Protozoa, Algae, Virus andmay also include all strains of Corona Viruses.
  • Tested from the Worldrenowned laboratory known as SGS, India and Eurofins, India.


  • Ceramic / Vitrified Tiles / Sanitaryware :Mixed in top layer glaze before fire
  • Cosmetic / Homecare / Personal Care :Used as intermediate / additives / preservatives in the formulation, without changing its properties
  • Paint / Dyes / Ink / Printing / Paper :WellMixed in the formulation
  • Plastic / Rubber : Act as an Additives during re-compounding of the virgin raw material
  • Pharmaceutical / Nutraceuticals / Human Supplements : Wound healing, antiseptic, immunity booster, Arthritic diseases, chest congestion,viral infectionscancer, HIV and AIDS, shingles, herpes, or eye problems, etc
  • Agriculture : Improve crop productivity, Reduce pest control, boost nutrient uptake

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